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10 Effective Tips for Creating Captivating Letterhead Template

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10 Effective Tips

When you are doing some business or running a company, it makes a tremendous difference to your clients or customers to receive a letter on the simple blank paper or on a professionally designed letterhead. A creative business letterhead acts as your brand ambassador, it provides you with an advertising opportunity captivate and entice your clients and most of all gives credibility to the words written on the page. Therefore, designing of a creative letterhead is a challenge which can be accomplished by following these simple and highly effective tips for creating stunning business letterhead templates.

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  1. Keep the design simple and classy: 

This is one of the most important principles behind creating the most effective business letterhead template. Keep in mind that it is not content itself, in fact, an instrument to present your content. There should be ample space for your content. Do not clutter it!

  1. Make use of the right kind of software: 

Use the right kind of software for creating business letterhead. One of the most commonly used tools in Photoshop. But in addition to this, you can also make use of latest and excellent tools like Illustrator and InDesign. The letterhead template PSD should be 300dpi.

  1. Use a hierarchical design: 

Your business letterhead template should include only the necessary communication and contact information along with the name of the sender or company. This is the only information which should be placed on the business letterhead in hierarchical order.

  1. Choose right kind of details:

it’s not necessary to include every kind of detail on the business letterhead. Before designing, keep in mind that who will be using the stationery and to whom it will be sent. This will enable you to decide which information is right to be placed on the business letterhead.

  1. Design in accordance with the medium:

decide whether you want it to be professionally printed or through your office printer. With the increasing use of printer paper in the offices, most of the business letterheads are now printed using the printer paper. So, you need to choose the design and colors accordingly so that it comes out excellent through the office printer.

  1. Make it represent your brand:

through business letterhead, you intend to promote your brand. So, it is very important that you include you effectively incorporate your brand logo in your business letterhead design along with the pertinent color schemes.

  1. Exploit the qualities of the stock used:

printing of the business letterhead on the quality stock paper will help you in cementing your creative design and will result in the production of something visually delightful and tactile.

  1. Addition of special effects:

you can add special effects like spot UV, finishing touches to the business letterhead if you get them printed professionally. These effects add extra value and uniqueness to your business letterhead templates.

  1. Take alignment and positioning into consideration: 

when you choose simple designing of business letterhead templates, it is important to take positioning and alignment of the different elements into careful consideration. This will ensure that all the relevant details are cautiously placed on the page.

  1. Make use of bright, lively colors:

Bright, lively and striking color schemes carefully blended, immediately attracts the attention of the people. So, try to use bright colors in the particular areas in your business letterhead template as you can find at