Brown & White Business Card Template


Brown & white business card template is clean and colorful with the sense of fun and modern. This can be used for personal use or almost all the type of company. Contents are well organized. You can be changed with one click text all layers. The color can be adjusted by using the using the layer blending mode or Hue / Saturation layer. This pack, two subspecies, one color is included in the colorful.
Brown & white business card template is used for your in business as a best way. In addition, easy-to-use guest card or CN average courier network INS Brown & White Business Card Template, you can use the file format Illustrator CS6 and Adobe PSD Download for free. An included file has a help file and PSD (front & back). Hierarchies you want to edit is easy, PSD files of all and have the CS4 version of Adobe Photoshop.
Brown & White Business Card Template
When you handed it to someone in a powerful tool for self- advertisement, that reflects the quality of your work and the professionalism of your work is very important and to show your professionalism in a better way so Brown & White Business Card Template is here. This creative business card stands out a nostalgic atmosphere, a wonderful handmade badge and typography. Everything is neatly organized, when you print this business card customize and edit, so must be the play of children, are labeled.
The high detailed texture background comes with brown & white business card template, can be used for personal use or the type of almost all of the company. It is possible to make this card (green, yellow, orange, blue, red) version of four different colors. However, color variation is possible indefinite. You can be changed with one click text all layers. The color can be adjusted by using or Hue / Saturation layer, using a gradient fill layer contained in each / layer color fill.
Yellow business card is a design professional touch clean. The color contrast of design elements and will make the whole business cards appeal to the very eyes of the background texture of black. This business card is suitable for business of most companies. This design, you need to have if you want to you stands out from the rest of the business card.

Brown & White Business Card Template Info

Photoshop & Illustrator Format
Harvest Gold, White & Shingle Fawn Color Scheme
Horizontal Layout
3.5″ x 2″ Card Size

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