Corporate business card template is presenting in the online business market. As we have mentioned in our earlier cards that we have the immense type of cards and people are getting in our superb business cards just like Business Card template.

Finally, we have presented a new business card named as Business Card. Their name represents the card properly “Business Card template” that doesn’t mean to say this card can be only in the corporations but also can be used in a small type of business and private firms as well. Most people use old type of business cards which is now representing a visiting card and people have not known about the new versions of the business card. Even if we talk about the small and medium enterprises business people are now using this type of card and most importantly the card like Corporate Business Card Template.

Corporate Business Card (23478 downloads)
Corporate Business Card Template

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Corporate Business Card Template has many specifications. If you see this card closely then you will have an idea regarding all the changes in our entire cards. Corporate Business Card template represents the name of the business at their front. If you see the front of Business Card template there you will see the name of the general manager. People may get confused that Corporate Business Card template is only for the general managers but here we have good news for you. Business Card template can be used by any person not only for the general manager. Any person can use this card no matter which designation that person belongs he/she can be used for their business purpose. One thing that we have mentioned in our every article is that Corporate Business Card template is free of cost. You can download this card without paying any single penny. If you have any confusion regarding Corporate Business Card template you can contact us.

Corporate Business Card Template Info

PSD Format
Color Light Turquoise White & Black
Horizontal Layout
3.5″ x 2″ Card Size