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How to Create a Great Business Card?

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Create a Great Business Card

No marketing plan is complete without inculcating the use of Create a Great Business Card It is definitely the most powerful marketing tool due to its size as well as cost. Of course, the business card is not meant to tell a complete story of your company but you want to project a professional brand image of your business that your customers and clients will remember in the long run. You can make or break the impression of your business on your customers through your business card.

It is essential to choose the business card template and style which suits your personal style, business, and your industry. For instance, if you are motor mechanic you definitely do not want to hand our business cards with flowers and bright color schemes printed on them or if you are a florist, you cannot have your business card printed in dull color schemes or black and white colors.

When you start with designing a business card template, it is important to keep it aligned with the business image that you intend to project. Here are some of the business card template styles which you can consider.

Clean Corporate Business Card Template (5432 downloads)


  • Basic business card templates: this kind of business card template is pretty basic with black printing on the white or off-white background. This style of template is good to choose when you only need a utility. You can find black & white business card template and black & grey business card templates at These are simple yet elegant. These cards are used where you just need to provide the basic, simple and concise information to the people.
  • Picture business card templates: picture business card templates have pictures or images imprinted on them along with your company information to help people remember your face or image which represents your company. These card templates can be made using many different and striking color schemes.
  • Textured business card templates: some business card templates are designed simple but have textured surface. This gives an exquisite feel and impressive look to the business card. It is more appropriate to use them for a business that provides luxurious goods and services.
  • Multi-purpose Card Templates: A business card can serve many other purposes in addition to introducing your company to the customers. You can use them as the discount coupon code, an appointment or reminder cards or a map on the back of the card can also be printed to guide the customers to your business location. You can design many different business card templates to suit your specific needs.
  • Unique, out-of-the-box designs: some of the business card templates have out-of-the-box designs. These business cards definitely cost more than the regular business cards but they are more appealing and attractive. You can play with the designs of these cards using your creativity.

By analyzing your business needs, you can decide that which business card template will suit best to your business requirements and then made it accordingly.