How to Create Unique Design for Business Card?

Create Unique Design

Create Unique Design Business cards are representative of your business and organization. They need to match up and complement your business. It is quite easy to create your own customized business card template which reflects your business and your personality. You can either do this by choosing the free template from some website such as or by designing your own business card template. While designing a business card template you need to take following things into consideration;

Size and Shape of the business card

The standard size of most of the business cards is 2″ x 3.5″, along with displaying a vertical or horizontal orientation. The horizontal layout was more popular in the past but now more companies are switching to vertical layouts.

There are no hard and fast rules for designing and sizing your card in this particular size. You can introduce variations in size and shape and exhibit your creativity in your business cards. By using the modern printing and die-cutting techniques, now business cards can be of any shape and size.

Colors, design, and styling of business card template

Your business card, color scheme and designing place a great impact on your potential customers and clients. It is important to choose the colors and design for your business card template which represents your company and business. If you are operating a serious corporate business then it is better to go for corporate or minimalist business card templates. On the other hand, if you operate a business that is more artistic and extravagant then choose to have more colorful and aesthetically designed business card template.

Addition of textures and effects

The business card template designs have now become much more glamorous and versatile. In the past, people preferred to keep their business card designs simple and neat. But now they like to give them a touch of glamour along with elegance. For this, various textures can be added to the business card templates such as patterns or embossing or de-bossing or textured background. All these effects give a distinctive look to your business card template. By printing the template on your desired material or stock you can augment its overall ambiance.

 Create Unique Design Various stock options for printing visiting card templates

You can find many different stocks for printing the business card templates. The most commonly used stock is cardboard. There are different other materials also available from which.

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