Marvelous Letterhead


Letterhead is used for official correspondent instead of plain paper. It is a printed heading on stationary in the written form containing the name of the organization. It defines to customers and clients that your company is real and you can contact anytime. It is an initial part of creating organization’s image in customer’s mind. In every business, you are involved you would be needed for Letterhead templates to communicate or sending messages to clients regarding your payments. It is an identity of your business organization same like your business card which helps to make your business well known, makes easy to recognizable your company logo and identifies your organization. If two organizations using the same source for business communication it would seem impressive.
Marvelous Letterhead
Letterhead templates are not only in hard form but you can create and design letterhead templates in soft form as well. Once your letterhead template is being ready it can be easily downloaded and printout can be taken. You can visit different online sites to create free printed letterhead template in different designs and styles. is the premium place which offers you the extensive variety of stunning and elegant free letterhead templates, ready for download.
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Highlighting feature of exclusive Letterhead template

Our new and exclusive free letterhead template is available in five assorted colors. You can choose the one which matches with the logo and color scheme of your company or business. These stunning colors include Jewel, Mine Shaft, Affair, Venice Blue and Hot Cinnamon

The letterhead is ready for download in PSD Format. You can download each color of PSD file separately on your laptop or PC. Its pixel size is 2550×3450 with Smart Object feature. It has 300 dpi with CMYK setting which allows full, bright and sharp color printing. This exquisite letterhead template can be fully customized by adding your company’s name and other relevant information.

This personalized letterhead will help you to give an impression that there is a large team behind you and these personalized letterheads can become a powerful source for your small business in marketing and branding strategies. Official letterheads make your business look professional. increase credibility and brand awareness. You can target the market customers with the helping of these Customized letterhead templates.

Marvelous Letterhead (3710 downloads)
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