Vintage Style Business Card Template

vintage style business card template

Creating a brand identity of your business in a captivating way is not easy. It requires lots of efforts and surely lots of money. But if you look closely into the marketing tactics, one of the cost effective and always efficacious ways is to create a business card that represents your business. This is a cheap yet highly effective ways of developing your brand identity and let people know about your brand.

Business cards are known business tools that are sure to work. They allow you to swap your contacts with other people in a personal and customized way. It shows that you are giving value to the clients. It is a direct one-to-one marketing tool that does a great job in attracting the attention of the potential customers. You can distribute them anywhere, anytime whether you are traveling or attending some conference or workshop, it offers you a simple and easy way to exchange your contact with others and get personal contacts. It gives the initial impression of your brand and business.

vintage style business card template

Therefore this vintage business card template has been created to give your potential customers just the right impression of your business. This exclusive minimal vintage business card template is created with an angled design with captivating graphics. The distinctive feature of this business card design template is that you can have the image of your business printed at the right hand corner of the card along with your business logo. The colour scheme used is classy and has vintage touch to create fetching impression on the people.

The vintage business card template has a double sided card template which allows you to have the logo of your company on one side along with an image and the contact information of your company or business on the other side. It edges are sharp and edgy which gives a professional and sleek look to the design. The business card template is available for easy and FREE download on our website. You can make the changes in colour scheme according to your business requirements and can easily add your business details before printing.

Have it printed to boast a professional image of your business in an instant!

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